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Healing Words:

30 Devotional Word Studies for Emotional and Spiritual Healing

By Susan Brozek, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., with Jeffrey Brozek

    Copyright © 2005, Xulon Press


God’s Word is truth and it is only through His truth that we can experience spiritual and emotional healing in our lives! We need to know God’s truth, but not just know it; we also need to experience His truth operating within us. This devotional book presents a unique perspective on the healing truths contained in God’s Word and shows us how we can apply these truths in a practical way to our everyday lives.

Each of the 30 devotional "healing word" studies begins with a scripture verse followed by a section titled "The Words BEHIND the Word", which explains the origin and root meanings of the word. From there, a practical application of the word is given to further guide in the understanding of it. This section is titled "Now That I Know It, How Do I Live It?", and applies God’s truth to the areas of our lives that need emotional and spiritual healing.

This book addresses the following words that are necessary for our healing:




Contentment Hope Refuge
Forgiveness Trust Love
Truth Gratitude Humility
Freedom Wisdom Deliverance
Restoration Obedience Yielded
Comfort Mercy Steadfast
Peace Joy Balance
Grace Worship United
Faith Holiness Acceptance

"This devotional writing will bring hope and healing to all who read, absorb, and apply its truths. These "Healing Words" are words vital to our faith and to living in wholeness!"

~ Rev. Paul Hanson, B.A., M.Div.

Portview Christian Center, Port Washington, WI



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